Beard 101: Tips on How to Fix a Patchy Beard

For many men, beards are more than just an unshaven bushy facial hair – it’s the ultimate symbol of masculinity and toughness. Others see it as a fashion statement – kind of like an accessory that will emphasize their facial features and hide scars and other skin imperfections. You may have been maintaining your beard for quite some time now and we may never know the purposes of your beards are but we’re certain about one thing – it can be very discouraging to have a sparse, patchy and uneven beard growth because of the absence of epic beard genetics.


Don’t allow the patchy hair growth impede you from growing your beard. Check out our tips and tricks on how you can grow a patchy beard that will compliment your looks and style:

Tip 1: Just because your beard growth is showing spots and patches here and there doesn’t mean that it will always be that way. Those who have just grown full beards for the first time tend to have patches all over the place. Think of it as the skin and the facial hair’s adjusting to your new grooming routine. First beards among adolescents do have the tendency to become patchy. Be reminded that a man’s hormones come in full swing during early 30’s so sporting a full beard from teenage years to late 20’s may exhibit scrubbiness one way or another.

Tip 2: Let your beard grow to its full glory! Resist any temptation to shave off your beard during its growing phase. You may feel a little discouragement when you see your beard growing while some areas on your cheeks or chin are hardly growing any. Just allow the beard to grow as thick as it can. For all we know, long facial hair can conceal those patchy areas.

Tip 3: Try rubbing a little pomade on your beard to tame all your facial hair in a direction that will deemphasize the patchy areas.

Tip 4: Use the beard patches to your advantage and create a style that will compliment your facial features. For example, if you have a large patch on your cheeks, it’s not a good idea to have a chin curtain beard so opt for an anchor beard instead.

Tip 5: Low nutrition diet and stress can affect one’s hair growth. Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet and pack on a lot of protein. This nutrient enhances hair growth to great lengths. Massage your beard with essential oils like argan, virgin coconut oil or rosewood oil to stimulate facial hair growth.

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