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How To Keep Your Beard Healthy

Posted on November 15 2016

According to the American Dietetic Association, the density and health of your facial hair coincides with the overall condition of your body. Basically, the nutrients you put inside your body through healthy edibles provide a positive effect on all the parts of your body including your skin and hair. If you are physical fit and in good shape, your beard will show the same level of vigor and strength.




With all the beard grooming products that skincare companies continue to create and make these, beard care and maintenance is no longer a mystery among bearded men. What most of us tend to forget is the fact that the overall condition of our facial hair can’t entirely depend on most store-bought beard grooming products. You also need to eat foods rich in specific vitamins that will benefit your facial hair. Munch your way to a healthier beard by looking for the following vitamins that will help you get shinier, thicker and stronger manly whiskers:


VITAMINS C AND E – If the skin underneath the beard is dry, your facial hair will be lackluster and dull. The addition of these vitamins helps our body to naturally produce a special oil that lubricates both the skin and hair. Eat citrus fruits, sunflower seeds or mangoes to make your skin and hair follicles well-moisturized and enjoy the benefits of softer, smoother and lustrous beard.

VITAMIN A – The antioxidants found in Vitamin A rich foods like tomatoes, cod liver oil, pumpkin and carrots fights free radicals like pollution that can weaken your facial hair. Vitamin A prevents adhesion of dirt, dust and other debris so as not to weigh down the facial hair. Think of it as an internal exfoliator that will make your beard feeling light as air.

OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS – You can get Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, walnuts, brussels sprouts and kale. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential in normalizing facial hair growth. They also shield the cell membranes from various environmental assailants to retain the moisture around the hair follicles and to strengthen facial hair.

PROTEIN – We generally know protein as a muscle-building nutrient but they also toughen our facial hair. Our hair and skin are basically composed of protein. Our bodies can’t produce the amino acids needed to create protein so we need to manually give it to our body by eating protein-rich foods like meats, rice, beans and eggs. Protein will make your facial hair thicker and denser. It will also make the cuticle of your facial hair smoother which makes it more manageable for styling purposes.


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