How To Keep Your Skin Healthy This Summer 2013

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy This Summer 2013

Camping, barbecue parties, beach, bikinis and concerts. These are just some of the things that come to our minds when talking about the summer season. Spring is now in its full glory and it certainly is getting warmer already. We have successfully transitioned our men’s skincare routine from winter to spring last March and here we are once again to tweak it a little in order for us to spend more time in the great outdoors with fewer worries. The scorching heat of the sun can prove to have no mercy on our skin if we’re not ready for it. Adding these simple rules to your skincare regime this time of year will make you absolutely summer-ready – minus the red lobster look!



Keep Skin Clean – Men’s skin have larger pores than women and produces 10% to 15% more oil. The warmer months can make these large pores secrete a lot of oil which makes the skin very prone catching to dirt and other environmental debris. It is important to wash the face regularly with a cleanser that not only wash off impurities from the skin but also eliminates excess oil. There are also cleansers that have mattifying qualities which impedes the skin from producing too much oil. When you’re outdoors and you know that washing the face is not possible, make sure you have cleansing pads which will enable you to wipe your skin clean.

Moisturize – The skin gets thirsty too, not only during summer but all year round. This proves especially true during the hottest season of the year because the blazing summer heat and sun rays suck all the moisture from the skin. Use a moisturizer that is in gel form because such formula feels very light on the skin. You can also get one of those facial mists that you can bring along and spray on your face and body as often as you like to instantly quench your skin’s thirst.

Sunscreen – The sun’s UVA and UVB rays can inflict long-term damages to the skin so lather yourself with broad spectrum sunscreen. By applying sunscreen, you lower the chances of acquiring sunburn, eye damage, premature aging of the skin and even skin cancer.

Pack a Powerful Dose of Antioxidants – Use anti-aging serums before going to bed that are infused with antioxidants. They absorb some of the free radicals absorb by the skin throughout the day to prevent sagging of the skin, premature wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. The best way to get a healthy variety of edibles that are already packed with antioxidants. Move antioxidant rich edibles like spinach, blackberries, plums and kale to your shopping list.

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