Summer Foot Care Tips For Men

Summer Foot Care Tips For Men

We mobilize ourselves by walking and running every day and that makes our feet the most used and most overworked part of our bodies. Therefore, it is imperative that we give importance to foot and nail care.

Now that summertime is here, our feet and nails are bound to be exposed to environmental assaults since the season calls for open footwear like slippers and sandals. The outdoor temperatures can be very humid and too hot and can make them feel severely dry and bring many potential problems to your feet. Men’s feet tend to perspire more than the usual during summer and become prone to fungal infections, athlete’s foot and all the foot nasties you can possibly think of. For these reasons, we put together a list of foot and nail care tips to keep them healthy and neat all summer long.

1.)    Wash your feet daily! This goes for both open and closed men’s footwear. If you’re going to wear closed shoes, your feet will have the tendency to perspire and you have to clean them with soap and water or else, the probability of bacterial growth on the sides of the foot or the spaces between the toes will be very high. If you’re going to wear open-toed shoes like sandals or fit flops, your feet will be in direct contact with dust and grime. This means you have to wash them with soap and water accompanied with soft scrubbing to ensure that all the environmental debris they have collected will be eliminated.

2.)    Make sure you’re feet are dry before you wear any socks so that they turn into a breeding ground for potential fungal infection. Additionally, wear socks that are made from natural fibers so that any moisture or perspiration from your feet will be quickly absorbed and will not sit on your skin for too long. Change your socks regularly to avoid having smelly feet.

3.)    Trim your toe nails at least once a week. Invest in a quality toenail clipper to properly cut them straight across. Don’t clip your toenails alongside the curve of your toes because it will cause ingrown toenails once they begin to grow again. To soften the edges, file them instead. Also, don’t trim too close or you might cut yourself and become more susceptible to infections.

4.)    Public shower and locker rooms are like one big buffet of all virus, fungi and bacteria that can introduce your feet to many different kinds of irritations and infections so don’t forget to wear any kind of foot covering when walking around these places. Make sure an alcohol is handy to sanitize your feet.

5.)    The summer season can dry out your feet and may cause their skin to crack at one point. Use emery board, pumice or foot file to effectively remove hard skin around the foot area. Apply a specially formulated foot cream to keep your feet hydrated and soft to touch.

6.)    If you’re going to wear open footwear this summer, protect your feet with a powerful dose of sunscreen. The skin on your feet is likely to get sunburn if you won’t pamper them with sun protection.

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