Tips On Growing A Full Beard For The First Time

Whenever we are approached with the question, “How can I grow a full beard?” our response will be comprised of a series of questions that will make them answer their own question. We’re not comfortable answering this question with “stop shaving and let all your facial hair grow in full glory” because it’s not as easy as that. There are many factors to be considered when deciding to grow full beard. If you’re one of those guys who are contemplating to have full beard, go through this questionnaire and find out if you can handle the weight of wearing that undeniable symbol of masculinity.



Do you think you can commit to growing a full beard? One cannot grow a beard overnight. It takes a substantial amount of time (we’re talking about several months here), dedication and commitment to achieve a good looking full beard. Your facial hairs will go curly, coarse, limp, spirally or wirey along the way and can actually look unattractive during the first several weeks you’re growing them. You should find ways on how to embrace these minor beard growing problems or else, you might end up shaving them all off!

Can you endure the 4-week itch? Growing a full beard offers episodes of extreme itching. This is the phase where most guys begin to quit. Don’t be conned into shaving all your facial hair off with this obstacle. Your new beard may be itching because of ingrown hairs or dry skin. Make sure you shampoo and moisturize the beard area to take the edge off. You can also massage eucalyptus oil on your beard during the early stages of growing your facial hair to prevent this from happening.

How is it growing? During the first three weeks of putting your razor into rest, check the facial hair growth on your chin, neck and cheeks. Are the hairs growing at the same pace? Are there any spotty areas wherein hair is not exactly growing? At this time, you should be able to assess if your genetics will provide you with enough hair coverage to grow a full beard. Unfortunately, not all men have the ability to grow long and full whiskers. Knowing early on whether you can actually grow a beard or not will save you from a great deal of frustration.

Are you ready for routine beard grooming? Growing a full beard requires you to take beard grooming seriously. You can’t just put your razor down and find no reason to face the bathroom mirror once you decide to grow all the facial hair out. Your beard needs to be washed, conditioned and trimmed to keep it clean and in perfect shape. A full beard can make or break your look making beard maintenance imperative.

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