Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Deep Conditioning?

Deep conditioning is a procedure in which your beard is coated and treated with nourishing products. It restores your beard moisture, strengthens and reduces damage.

How To Deep Condition Beard?

Step 1: Wash Your Beard

You must always make sure your beard is clean and free of excess oil and dirt before deep conditioning it. Use a cleanser that doesn’t strip your beard of its essential oils.

Step 2: Apply Your Deep-Conditioner

Gently massage a generous amount of beard deep conditioner  into wet beard. Use more for thicker beards. Add a little more water to beard. (For thicker beards use a medium tooth comb to help de-tangle). Take a moment to massage.

Step 3: Allow To Set In

Leave on 3-5 minutes 

Step 4: Rinse With Cool Water

Rinse your beard with cool water to allow your hair cuticles to close-up. Allow your beard to dry naturally or lightly towel dry.

Step 5: If You Decide To Blow-Dry

If you decide on using a blow-dryer to help speed-up the conditioning process and allow for absorption of the product, make sure that your blow-dryer isn’t too hot.

What Are The Benefits Of A Deep Conditioning Treatment?

1. Hydrates Your Beard

Just like your skin, your beard needs to stay hydrated to maintain its health and stay soft. Deep conditioning helps improve your beard’s moisture content and keeps it hydrated.

2. Reduces Damage

Regular deep conditioning keeps your beard healthy and hydrated. It improves the health of your beard by providing it with nutrients that are vital to reduce damage. They also help repair, strengthen and moisturize your beard, preventing breakage and making it less prone to any damage.

3. Improves Shine

We all love a good shine, and deep conditioners do just that. By adding moisture and nutrients to your beard, deep conditioners allow for it to appear softer and more shiny.

4. Strengthens Your beard

Deep conditioners contain nutrients that help reduce breakage, repairing your hair from within and strengthening your follicles.

How Often Should I Deep Condition?

Deep conditioning your beard is a practice that should be done regularly for your hair to be able to actually benefit from the process. Doing it just once will give you instant results, but will not actually repair your beard from within. The results may be quite superficial and will fade away when you wash your beard again.

Should You Condition Your beard After Deep Conditioning It?

Deep conditioning in itself provides your beard with nutrients and moisturizes, making it appear soft and shiny. You do not need to condition your beard if you have deep conditioned it. This will only result in product build-up and can even weigh your beard down.

What Happens To Your Beard If You Deep Condition It Everyday?

Deep conditioning your beard everyday or too often can result in beard that just falls flat. Over-moisturizing your beard causes an imbalance that can make your beard prone to breakage and make it appear lifeless. Over-conditioning also prevents other products from penetrating through your beard shaft and reduces their efficacy.